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The Beginning of Mayberry

1970s to 2006

John Mick grew up learning the building trade from his father Bob. As a General Contractor, Bob Mick worked directly with every one of his customers and he performed every step of the building process himself from architectural design, to finish work.

John worked with his dad from the age of 12 through college, but after graduating, decided to pursue a career in manufacturing. John spent 10 years automating factories and optimizing processes before returning to the construction industry.

In 2004, John started Integrated Building Solutions with a goal of utilizing manufacturing techniques to solve problems in residential construction. His company began building custom homes in Klamath Falls, Oregon where they supplied customers throughout Oregon and California. By 2006, his company was building 50 custom homes per year and they were building with a wide variety of cutting-edge building materials like structural insulated panels, light gauge steel, and insulated concrete forms.

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2006 to 2012

By 2006, John’s team had developed a reputation for solving construction challenges with a variety of prefab methods, they were building homes using panelization techniques and they were also building high end complete modular homes.


In 2007, John built the first MK Lotus. The MK Lotus was the showpiece of the West Coast Green show at San Francisco’s Civic Center Plaza. Designed by Michelle Kaufmann the MK Lotus was the most sustainable modular home ever designed or built in the U.S. By 2010, John had built high-end custom modular homes on Catalina Island in California, on Whidbey Island in Washington, and in remote locations throughout Oregon.


In 2011, John’s team built the EcoFabulous Modern Living Show House featured at Dwell on Design in Los Angeles. By 2012, John’s team had completed multiple modular assisted living facilities located in Vancouver, Washington

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2018 And On...

Since 2018, John’s team has focused on apartment and hotel projects in Nevada, California, and Oregon building over 1,000 units in that time period. Over the past 15 years, John and his team have built homes using a wide variety of materials and techniques.


From those experiences, they have optimized the building techniques that will be used by Mayberry Communities to provide homeowners with the highest quality home possible at an unmatchable price point.

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Clean Neighborhood

"Mayberry Communities to provide homeowners with the highest quality home possible at an unmatchable price point."

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